Thoughts on Spider-Woman Jessica Drew

Jessica Drew

Next to the red and blue suited Peter Parker Spiderman, the red and yellow spandex suited Jessica Drew the spider woman is my favorite character.
I think the potential for what could be done with her character deserves it own book. She is a great character but under used. Even though I love Jessica as a hero and potential ally for Spider-man. I think Bendis as set the foundations for a very cool anti-hero. Jessica tells Peter at the end of the Clone saga, “I’m gonna need money.” Peter’s reply is, “don’t rob any banks,” without thinking that she’s left pretty much destitute and dealing with a pretty heavy identity crisis. She remembers being a hero, and having a family, friends, a girlfriend, a job, and a school, but now is suddenly left with no support structure. The reasoning and the ability to sneak into buildings and dodge security is pretty sound. But when someone needs help the “Hero’s Call” would convince her to do the selfless thing.
Jessica Spider Woman gives a great way to explore and examine what keeps Peter Parker/ Spider-man from reverting to his attitude before Ben died. It also had the potential for some great Gwen Stacy, bi-curious, fan service.
Besides, the spider woman costume is also one of my favorite spider man costumes. Jessica Drew is not particularly noted as a hottie in her own right; it’s just when she puts on the mask and the metallic shiny skintight spider-woman costume and exudes the pheromones that she turns into a seductress. Behind the mask, I’d say Jess is not supermodel beautiful; but she has a body to die for.

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