Nightwing Costume

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Since the birth of Nightwing, Dick experienced numerous events and twists and turns, almost every time deeply affected his future. In the Titans, the new entrants out of the old man, his teammates renegade or enemies, members of the disability or even death, the team has also repeatedly disbanded and reorganized. Innocent and charming with hot alien princess Koriand’r long unrequited love between, but also due to various disputes and destruction, after all we can not have a happy ending. Takamori in his hometown city, foster new Robin Bruce is his old friend, but they all died Joker’s hands. And young Tim (Tim) encounter, and help him become the third generation of Robin. A large number of events in these developments and upheavals, Dick best tasted a variety of complex emotions, joy, sorrow, conflict, anger, confusion, happy …… Dick’s spirit is repeatedly baptism, ultimately creating a strong and confident adults and new heroes.

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