Why do you like Spiderman?

1. He’s the definition of what “heroes” should be like. Not Captain America, not Superman and not Batman. At fifteen he gained immense powers and lost his beloved uncle who gave him the creed of “with great power comes great responsibility”. In his early twenties he has been fighting evil people for no reason but to do the right thing. He should have killed some of his foes but he has not. He should be financially secure from busting drug dealers, mobsters, mad scientist, and hit men but he holds down low paying jobs to stay honorable. To me Spiderman sets the bar for respect.

2. He never gives up. Whenever he’s down and out, Peter always comes back better than he was before. No matter how many broken bones or scars he has, he will not give up. Sure, you could say that about other heroes, but Spider-Man is not Thor or the Hulk. He’s not on their level, and yet he will fight guys that give ’em trouble.

3. Spider-Man is the champion of the little guy. He is not rich or cool as Batman; he doesn’t have powers as strong as Superman’s powers, Hulk’s powers, Iron Man’s powers, or Thor’s powers. Unlike them, Peter Parker is just a guy whose life sucks. But even though he doesn’t have fame, power, or money, he still tries to protect people to the best of his abilities. While Superman and Thor were destined to be great heroes, Spidey reached their level of heroism through hard work, willpower, and courage.

4. Spider-Man is a character that is constantly evolving. Unlike most superhero comics that tell the story of a hero, Spider-Man comics tell the story of a regular person as he slowly evolves into a hero. He doesn’t start out perfect but becomes perfect overtime. That is an idea I like a lot.

5. He is probably the most “lovable” superhero character. He’s the funniest in the comic book world, and his jokes always deliver. It’s also funny to watch him try to look up to all the “big superheroes” and not realize that he’s a much better hero and person than they ever will be.

6. He also has the best costume ever.